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About us

Health Development Consultancy (HDC) is a specialist organisation with over 25 years of experience of delivering health improvement projects across the UK. HDC works with various organisations within the statutory, voluntary and private sectors offering support to help these organisations meet targets for health improvement.

What is our organisation concerned with?

HDC are very committed to providing programmes that increase the public health workforce capacity and capability as a vehicle to improve public health.

Since the late 1990s more emphasis has been given to lifestyle behaviour change as a platform to improve public health. This has required a rethink of the role of frontline workers who have face to face contact with the public and are a major (often untapped) resource for behaviour change promotion. Through our experience we understand well the challenges and opportunities that this approach throws up and we adopt a particular approach in our work.


Karan Thomas – Lead Consultant

Karan has more than 25 years experience in Health Promotion and Public Health practice as an independent consultant. Her specialist topic areas are physical activity, obesity management and behaviour change. A compassionate Celt and keen networker she is passionate about creating opportunities for people to make easy, healthy choices. She has been fortunate to be involved in local, national and international health improvement programmes.

Karan’s key skills are in delivering training, facilitating engagement and developing innovative resources. Until recently she was an Honorary Fellow at Manchester University School of Epidemiology and Population Health and a trustee of the National Obesity Forum with specific responsibility for physical activity.

Val Andrews – Lead Consultant

Val has been a trainer for almost twenty years, involved in training at a local, regional and national level. She was a trainer for the national ‘Walking the way to Health’ programme and previously was a national trainer of the Health Education Authorities ‘Helping people change programme.’

At a regional level she recently co-wrote a stop smoking training programme for health professionals and this programme has been adopted throughout Merseyside.

She has many years experience of training a wide variety of primary health professionals such as health visitors and practice nurses. The training she has delivered has included all aspects of healthy lifestyles (such as smoking cessation, alcohol and mental health and wellbeing) through to project management skills and evaluation methods.

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HDC’s team includes:

  • Administration team
  • Specialist health improvement trainers
  • Graphic design and resource development team
  • Research staff and evaluators

Making Every Contact Count is one of our key Health and Wellbeing strategic objectives. The delivery of this programme by HDC has exceeded our expectations. They have engaged with all our partnering agencies, conducted detailed impact evaluation and improved the skills and confidence of our staff to deliver MECC on our behalf

Kate Benson,

Public Health Manager,

Tameside MBC.