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Our Work

Empowering organisations, staff and individuals toward better health

The HDC approach – Behaviour change

HDC directors have been delivering behaviour change training programmes to frontline workers for over twenty years, gathering a wealth of information about the difficulties frontline workers face when trying to discuss healthy lifestyles. Our approach to all our work is based on a set of principles:

  • Identifying the problem/issue from the view point of the commissioners.
  • Using an evidence-based approach.
  • Project and programme delivery that emphasises (in equal parts) both process and outcome.
  • A strong emphasis on skills training.
  • Providing a professional and highly flexible approach in our work.
  • Taking evaluation seriously from the inception through the final stages of projects.

HDC – Developing resources

The directors of HDC has been writing and developing resources for health improvement for over twenty years – please see a small sample of the resources we have produced.

We have written and delivered many training and trainers programmes as well as producing resources for public use. We make full use of social marketing theory and market testing to ensure the quality and appropriateness of all our resources.

HDC – Engagement with organisations, staff and the public

The skills of engagement are key for anyone involved in Health Promotion work at any level. HDC know that promoting healthy lifestyles still requires a good sales pitch!! We feel that there are a number of issues vital to this aspect of our work.

  •  The ability to converse at any level about health and well-being.
  •  How to get ‘buy in’ for health promotion initiatives.
  •  Recognising and overcomes barriers from the organisations viewpoint.

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