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Health Development Consultancy (HDC) is a specialist training organisation with over 30 years’ experience of delivering health improvement projects across the UK. HDC works with various organisations within the statutory, voluntary and private sectors offering support to help these organisations meet targets for health improvement.

Through our experience we understand well the challenges and opportunities frontline workers face when trying to discuss healthy lifestyles. Our Trainers have all been or still are practitioners working with patient and clients. So we walk our talk!!  

We adopt an approach to our behaviour change training programmes based on the following set of principles:

  • Identifying the problem/issue through discussions with the commissioners and agreeing the scope of the project
  • A strong focus on skills training
  • Using an evidence based approach
  • Project and programme delivery that emphasises (in equal part) both process and outcome
  • Providing a professional and highly flexible approach
  • Robust evaluation from inception to the final stages of the project 

For more information email on info@healthdc.co.uk or ring Karan on 07870257602 

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